To celebrate National Lipstick Day, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to finding the perfect lipstick shade for your skin tone. There’s no doubt that finding that perfect lipstick shade can make you feel invincible. Okay we know that might sound dramatic, but seriously, if you’ve found it, then you know what we mean. Considering there are thousands of lipstick shades out there, we know it can sometimes seem like an impossible task – unless you’re one of those lucky ones that look great in everything.

The key to finding that ride or die lipstick is all about knowing your skin’s undertone – it makes finding a lipstick shade that illuminates your complexion completely foolproof. The three categories are: warm, cool, and neutral. There are a few super easy ways to figure it out. But before we get into that, we have to spill the deets on our National Lipstick Day sale. We’re doing an exclusive buy one get one free deal on ALL of our lip products RN, if you’re looking for a new formula!

Warm Undertones: Also referred to as golden, peachy, and yellow

People with warm undertones typically…

  • Tan easily
  • Look better in gold jewelry
  • Hair is red, brown, black or strawberry blonde
  • Eyes are brown, hazel or amber
  • The veins on your wrist look green (the yellowy-golden tint of your skin will give your blue veins the appearance of having a green tinge).

Cool Undertones: Your undertone looks blue, red, or pink

People with cool undertones typically…

  • Burn easily or tan very slowly
  • Look better in silver jewelry
  • Hair is brown, black or blond
  • Eyes are blue, grey, or green
  • The veins on your wrist look blue

Neutral Undertones: You have both warm and cool undertones

People with neutral undertones typically…

  • Tan slowly and don’t often burn
  • Both gold and silver jewelry looks great on you
  • The veins on your wrist look green and blue

How to choose a lipstick shade for warm skin tones

So the rule is, if you have warm undertones, then opt for a lipstick that also has warm undertones – easy right?

Warmer lipsticks have reddish, peach, orange or even yellowish undertones and tend to lean towards orangey hues, like coral, gold, copper, and all the way to siennas and browns. Peachy pink shades, orange-toned reds, and rosy pink shades will complement your skin tone best.

We created our new Matte Power Bullet collection specifically with the goal of creating lipsticks that would suit both warm and cool skin tones. Check out our collection of shades created with warm tones, to suit warm-toned beauties.

How to choose a lipstick shade for cool skin tones:

If you’ve determined that your undertone is cool, then look for lipsticks that also have cool undertones.

Cool-toned lipsticks will have blue and purple undertones. Look for blue hues like plum, cherry, mauve, crimson and purples.

When we created our Matte Power Bullet collection, we created cool-toned shades to complement people with cool undertones, and the same for warm tones. It doesn’t mean you couldn’t wear both, but it makes it easier to find your ultimate hue.

Neutral skin tones have both cool and warm tones, so there’s pretty much nothing that doesn’t suit you. Seriously, stop rubbing it in already!

Let us know what your undertone is in the comments below or if you need any help deciding.


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